Dr. Theresa Woodard


I am Theresa Woodard, M.D., a physician, public speaker, author, health educator, and consultant in various healthcare arenas.  My passion lies at the core of preventive medicine and I am committed to awakening consciousness in the field of health care and disease prevention. I have developed teachings on several common chronic disease topics and also speak to them in the community.

When not sharing medical insights with patients and colleagues, I enjoy yoga, various types of music and theater, and travel as much as my schedule allows. Currently I reside in Cordova, Tennessee and practice/consult throughout the Tennessee area. I attended Northwestern University and attained degrees in Biomedical and Chemical Engineering.

I later returned home to study medicine at Louisiana State University Medical Center-New Orleans, and have practiced as an Internal Medicine physician for almost two decades.

I love learning and enjoy sharing my medical knowledge with others.  So tell me, how can I be of assistance to you?

Warm Regards.

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